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Indigenous Man Travels Thousands of Miles to Granddaughter’s Graduation

Worawa founder Hyllus Maris founded the college in 1983, she had a clear vision in mind. She aimed to teach young Indigenous people about their culture while also educating them for the future.Because of her well-rounded education, Sasha still feels strongly connected to her culture but remains excited about the future. Now, she “walks proudly in both worlds.” ADVERTISEMENT When Sasha’s grandfather Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi learned of her graduation, he made the nearly 2,000-mile journey to Healesville.

He flew from remote Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island in northeast Arnhem Land, where Sasha also lives when she isn’t in school.He doesn’t speak much English, mostly speaking in the mother tongue of the Galpu clan. However, when he touched his heart and said “proud” after arriving in Healesville, it spoke volumes about his feelings toward his granddaughter.His wife Jane Garrutju translated for him, saying that he dreamed of dancing with his granddaughters at their graduation someday. Eventually, he saw this dream come true.

When Gali spoke about his grandchildren Sasha and Alicia, he said he felt happy they received a good education. And he felt proud of their achievements as well. ADVERTISEMENT Known as the Morning Star dancer, Gali served his tribe as the Yolngu Mala leader.

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