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3 Educators Who Use Art as a Valuable Teaching Tool for Teens

higher rates of mental illness compared with past generations. They face compounding stresses from the environment, finances, family life, social media, and the general anxiety of modern living. With all of these pressures piling on them, it makes it challenging to maintain a positive outlook.

Teachers recognize the hardships young people face and use art as a teaching tool to help them cope.Art comes in many forms, such as painting, drawing, singing, graphic design, and making TikTok videos. Many older people look down on social media, but it does have its perks. It can serve as an outlet for younger generations and may even help them learn new skills.

Many TikTok videos teach people to cook, draw, paint, tell stories, or even perform magic tricks. ADVERTISEMENT It’s not surprising that teens feel drawn to the platform since it helps motivate and inspire them. However, other traditional art mediums still appeal to younger generations as they turn to art therapy for healing.Art teachers hope to spread the message that school isn’t just for memorizing information to pass tests.

Schools today focus entirely too much on metrics and not enough on creative expression. However, the art educators featured below aim to change that, at least a little.Stephanie Keller, a licensed creative art therapist for Counseling in Schools, helps middle schoolers work through difficult emotions with art. This teaching tool helps students connect with their feelings and make sense of challenging events in their lives.

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