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It’s Been 2 Years Since Their Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression: How Are They Now?

Imagine a life with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or another mental illness. (Maybe you don’t need to imagine this at all.) Now, imagine you’ve tried every antidepressant on the market and been through countless therapeutic modalities only for nothing to really, truly work for you. The hopelessness that leaves behind — the sense that you’ll maybe never get better — is the reality for many, particularly where treatment-resistant depression is concerned. So where do you turn? What if there was another option? Enter ketamine, which despite its reputation as a street drug, has been shown to be rapidly effective in clinical studies for treatment-resistant depression. Would you try it? Would its effects last beyond the here and now?

We wanted to know the same. We’ve received multiple articles from contributors who have received ketamine treatments for various illnesses, but we’ve never checked in to hear how they’re doing years later. How are they feeling now? Have they experienced any lasting effects? Would they do it all again if they needed to? After all, reading about this apparent miracle drug for mental illness means nothing once it reaches common usage unless we know how it works in the long term.

I decided to find out. I reached out to two of our contributors, Lauren Clements and Vanna Winters, who wrote about ketamine infusions in 2019. I asked them some questions about where they are now, and their answers were surprising. 

Update on Lauren’s Experience With Ketamine Infusions for Depression

First, let’s meet Lauren Clements. A little over two years ago, Lauren Clements sought ketamine infusions as a “last resort” for her treatment-resistant depression. At that time, it had been six months since

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