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Rest and Restore: 6 Simple Ways to Start Feeling Calm

had to read it.Patriarchy Stress Disorder.Those three words inspired a spontaneous deep inhale and, upon Rha Godess’s recommendation, I ordered it right away.I inhaled the book. Dr.

Valarie Rein had put words to what my body had been experiencing my whole life.I’m not going to explain the entire premise of the book because you MUST simply get a copy for yourself and read it.The body is everything.  Emotions are stored in the body. No amount of thinking or talking can get them out.We have to use our bodies to get unstuck, not our minds.I started studying the nervous system and how it relates to our ability to do our best work as business owners.I started experimenting on myself and working with a professional.And here’s what I found:Investin

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