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10 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make In Your 30s

It can be a little overwhelming to think about the lifestyle changes you need to make in your 30s. It isn’t like these changes are big news, we just don’t always follow them when we are younger.

Our whole life, we hear we need to be healthy. “Eat your vegetables.” “You need to work-out.” “Make sure you floss.” The list goes on and on, and it seems to only grow bigger and bigger as we get older.

While there are many “aha!” moments in our lives when we have the realization that we are “behind the ball in life”, this article will focus on our third decade: our 30s.

It’s an incredibly unique point in our lives where we are physically, mentally, and professionally capable of accomplishing an incredible amount—but only if we make the changes necessary to make the most out of our physical and mental abilities, leaving a positive indelible mark on as many people as possible.

Teamwork makes the dream work. So let’s get to it! Here are several lifestyle changes that could help you feel AND look healthier in your crucial 30s.

10 Lifestyle Changes To Make In Your 30s  1. Get in physical shape.

Our 30s offer us the time in life when we can endure anything (many of the Tour de France winners are in their upper 20s to mid-30s). During this time, we can add vital muscle mass (without a lot of struggles).

This is our last chance to take advantage of a deck that is still stacked in our favor. GET TO IT.

ACTION ITEM: Try a group fitness class twice a week. Make it something you genuinely enjoy! If the gym isn’t for you, but you really love ballet, cycling, running, or rock climbing, then do that!

It’s important that you start with what you enjoy. Just know that no matter what sport or activity you choose, you’ll need to add some proper

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