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Scott Hall Quotes From the Famous Wrestler

Learn more about the man behind the wrestler with these Scott Hall quotes.

Scott Hall was an American wrestler who played the wrestling character Razor Ramon.

The Razor Ramon character was first introduced to wrestling in 1984 after Hall was inspired by the character Tony Montana.

Scott Hall’s wrestling career began with him being known as the “Bad Guy,” or Razor Ramon.

Scott Hall was the first person to win the Intercontinental Title three times.

In addition, he was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Hall had a very successful wrestling career after introducing the character of Razor Ramon and was even invited to compete in World Championship Wrestling.

Get your sneak peek into his life by reading these Scott Hall quotes.

Scott Hall Quotes

If you are a wrestling fan, you may know him better as Razor Ramon. However, these quotes let you get to know the man behind the character.

1. “My life is like driving down a road. I occasionally glance in the rearview mirror, but I’m not focused on the past or looking back anymore.” – Scott Hall

2. “I would consider myself one of the highest-paid job guys in history.” – Scott Hall

3. “My most important legacy is being a good father to my two children.” – Scott Hall

4. “You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.” – Scott Hall

5. “If you have any talent, you can’t be held back, and you can’t be held down.” – Scott Hall

6. “Once you learn how to work inside the ring – once you learn how to tell a story – then you can come to a big company like the WWE and learn the extra stuff, like the video, the pyro, the music, and that adds to everything you can do.” – Scott Hall

7. “It’s hard to ask for help. It’s even harder to accept it when people offer it.”

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