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50 Peach Quotes About Nature’s Summer Candy

These peach quotes will remind you why peaches are often called nature’s candy due to their sweet and delicious flavor.

The band, The Presidents of The United States of America, even wrote a whole song dedicated to peaches!

They are not the only ones with a lot to say about peaches as you will see in these peaches quotes.

The lyrics from the song go, “If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches everyday.” (I hope you sang that in your head!)

Many of these peaches quotes share the same sentiment.

Of course, there are also several peaches quotes that are perfect for all your Instagram posts—from workout posts, to selfies, and even pictures of actual peaches!

You might also be familiar with the saying “life is not always peaches and cream” or some variation of that.

Peaches and cream are a delicious combination—some would argue it is pure bliss!

However, life does not give us bliss all the time.

Sometimes you get peaches and no cream, or cream and no peaches.

Other times, you get a peach pit and a pile of broccoli. Or you get nothing at all.

These peaches quotes will make you smile, contemplate life, and maybe even leave you wanting to sink your teeth into a nice juicy peach!

Keep reading for some interesting facts about peaches you might not know!

Peach quotes that are perfect for Instagram

Find a photo to pare with these quotes and you will have the perfect Instagram post! Which of the quotes would you use for a social media post?

1. “A peach a day keeps heartaches at bay.” — Unknown

2. “Peaches are mother earth’s sweetest gift.” — Unknown

3. “Peaches are so delicious, what’s not to love?” — Unknown

 4. “We got to be a lot more peachy and a lot sweeter.” — Unknown

5. “Peaches are like fuzzy, wooly sisters of

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