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3 Steps to Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion can feel like a lifelong quest! Do you remember being a child, and being asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We all had such clear, fixed answers to that question, didn’t we?

We dreamed of being presidents and astronauts, of making a difference in the world. Personally, I always imagined myself as a computer engineer. My inspiration included people like Steve Jobs. I loved programming, and I dreamed of creating something that would leave a legacy in the world.

Thinking of our passions with a young heart

As kids, we had such clear ideas about what we wanted to be. We knew what we enjoyed, what we felt drawn to, and what inspired us. As we grow older, though, a lot of us seem to lose that clarity.

Life gets in the way. We get caught up in the stresses of day-to-day life and lose sight of what really speaks to our soul. Ask an adult what he loves doing, what his passion is, and more often than not you’re probably going to hear “I don’t know.”

“How do I find my true passion,” is a question that many adults seem to struggle with.

Yet, it’s a question that’s never been more important than it is today. In the world we grew up in, passion was secondary to stability and safety. We were trained in school to follow the rules and do what we were told.

Finding your passion is more important than ever before

Life taught us to be a cog in a machine. We were told that if we showed up, and did what was expected, then we would collect our paychecks and live a secure life.

However, the world has changed. Today, that’s no longer enough. Those safe jobs that we were trained to do are becoming rarer. They’re getting outsourced and automated.

Those “good”, “normal,” and “safe” jobs are disappearing. What’s

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