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How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Many of us stunt our growth and stop ourselves from getting what we want by having a fixed mindset (not knowing how to get out of your own way).

We have that voice in our heads that we listen to that tells us that we can’t do something, that something is impossible, or that we do not have the skills to achieve something. This kind of thinking is simply not true, and it keeps us stuck.

We all want things, but to get them, we have to believe in our ability to accomplish the steps it takes to get them. Try to change your thinking from “I can’t” to “Of course, I can.”

What we believe, we can achieve, and we can. It is like the famous saying, “Whether you tell yourself you can, or you tell yourself you can’t, your right.”

Get out of your own way and get what you want

One important difference is to learn to turn our failures into successes. Many people fail at something and decide that this is an endpoint. People who get what they want and achieve greatness, simply look at failure as a lesson and try to see what can be learned from it.

Some of the individuals who have had the greatest successes of our time have also had some of the most epic failures.

I encourage you to read the stories of people like Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney. I promise they will inspire you. They will show you that we can get what we want, and achieve true success no matter what anyone else thinks or says, and no matter how many times we stumble.

It is not the stumbling that matters, it is the getting back up

Learn from those who came before you

Another simple way to learn how to get what you want is to learn from people who already have. Read some biographies, such as the people I mentioned above.

Find a good mentor who

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