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The Only Way to Be the Real Deal

Stephen Dubner told me on one of our podcasts. People don’t look at mouths when they talk. They look in the eyes.I had no idea, I said.I went to the first class.“A DJ can always play it safe.

A DJ can read the room and see what people like to dance to and then just play that music,” Ellison said. “It’s easy to play it safe.”He took the class in 2009.

Then he took the advanced class. Then he became an intern.

Then he started doing shows (“stores hire us. If you make a place feel joyous, people buy”).

Now he teaches.He showed us how to put together the turntables, the needle, what all the buttons meant. He showed us the basic scratch. The scribble scratch. More.“But you’re not a true DJ until you can clear the dance floor.”I didn’t know what

. people liking feelings

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