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Simone Biles Is a Champ in 'Mental Gymnastics' Too

When news broke of Simone Biles’ withdraw from her program during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, I couldn’t help but think that’s how it should be. When you’re struggling mentally, having one of those tough days, you should be able step back to catch your bearings. I know I do. The problem is, the stigma is still there and that’s why we not only are hearing words of support for Simone, but also words of criticism. I’ve read where some are calling her “weak,” a “coward” and just not “tough” enough.

Inwardly, I scoff at these words. I can almost laugh at loud at the ridiculousness of such statements. Why? Because advocating for yourself, let alone your mental health, takes intestinal fortitude… you know… guts. It took guts for Simone to do what she

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