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First Film With DeafBlind Actor in Lead Role Nominated for Academy Award

The short film “Feeling Through”was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film on Monday. The film, starring DeafBlind actor Robert Tarango, is the first Oscar-nominated film to have a DeafBlind performer in the lead role.

According to Variety, the short film tells the story of Tereek — played by Steven Prescod — who needs a place to stay, who meets Artie — played by Tarango — who is on his way home. The two men become fast friends.

This is the film debut of Tarango, who worked at the Helen Keller National Center, where he met the director of “Feeling Through,” Doug Roland. Tarango wrote about his experience making the filmon the website Blind New World and said he is “so proud to be the first DeafBlind actor in a

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