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10 Positive Things You Won’t See on the News

A recent Gallup poll shows 71% of Americans approve of labor unions, slightly increasing from last year’s 68%. Union support was the highest in the 1950s, when about 75% of Americans agreed with labor organizations. Today, union drives have become more common as workers strive for better wages and bargaining power.

Employees at some of the largest corporations in the world, such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Chipotle, have unionized.Analysts predict global solar demand will increase by thirty percent by the end of 2022. Rob Barnett, a senior clean energy analyst at Bloomberg, estimates that solar capacity installations will rise by 30% globally this year. He also forecasts sustained double-digit growth in sustainable energy demand through 2025.Lithuanian researchers developed the world’s first plastic-free takeout food container.

They designed the container using cardboard covered with a non-flammable material so consumers can reheat it in the oven. They come in three different sizes to accommodate various types of foods. Best of all, the containers are recyclable and compostable to show kindness to the environment.

ADVERTISEMENT A 17-year-old created a simple tool to catch African elephant poachers in real time. Anika Puri developed ElSa (short for elephant savior), a low-cost prototype of machine-learning-driven software. It detects movement patterns in thermal infrared videos of humans and elephants.

ElSa consists of a $250 FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera with 206×156 pixel resolution plugged into an iPhone 6. The devices then attach to a drone that flies over wilderness areas to monitor movement.Here’s another show of kindness to animals. Sixteen bison introduced into Banff National Park in 2017 grew to a herd of at least

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