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How Practicing Gratitude Can Benefit Physical Health, Mental Well-Being and a Thriving Workplace

in all the bad.“You know, what we’re all very, very good at is explaining the things , the things that aren’t going right, the things we screwed up,” Ricky Mendez chuckles. “We’re so good at sharing that in detail, our brain literally forgets: There’s a hell of a lot of awesome s–t out there too.”As an implementational speaker whose workshops help individuals and businesses alike maximize their impact, Mendez—who calls himself a “gratitude enthusiast”—talks a lot about how being thankful can also be a means to greater success in just about every area of our lives.For example, did you know that gratitude isn’t just good in a moral sense? Researchers have found that gratitude impacts physical , correlating to lower and possibly even .

Other studies have found that gratitude and that managers who thank their employees find those employees are .Of course, it’s one thing to know that gratitude is good for you; it’s another to . Mendez understands that negativity and pessimism are constant forces in our lives—“which is good, because it builds muscle,” he says.

“It builds mental fortitude. It builds resilience.” Interestingly, the negatives are where Mendez often begins when challenging people to introduce gratitude—by asking them to think about the things that make them angry or frustrated and then find what self-help author Napoleon Hill called the “seed of equivalent benefit.”Were you stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from work? How lucky that you weren’t involved in the fender-bender that caused the backup.

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