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“Can We Save Our Marriage? Should We?” ADHD Marital Problems Compounded by the Pandemic

work from home with a partner present during the pandemic. Without a doubt, I’ve seen an increase in breakups, divorces, and negative feelings between partners in this time.You write that you have “thought hard about divorce.” As adults with ADHD, we ruminate on our negative thoughts, which can cause “analysis paralysis” to kick in.

This makes it hard to make decisions about many things — including our relationships.Before reading on, ask yourself, “Have I already made up my mind? Do I know the right course for me is divorce?” If your answer is “yes,” stop reading. If, however, you believe your marriage is salvageable, and you are ready to make changes, read on.According to Rick Hanson, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist and author of the book

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