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50 Ric Flair Quotes From the 16-Time World Wrestling Champion

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With a career that has spanned over four decades, Ric Flair might be the best wrestler around. Retired WWE wrestler and wrestling coach, Ric Flair (aka, Nature Boy) is a 16 time World Champion in the ring.

Flair is a man who lives and breathes WWE. In an Instagram livestream in 2020, Flair revealed he has aspirations to return to the ring, even at 71 years young. He claimed that he was training for a fight in 2019 when the WWE requested that he become a ringside manager instead for the Team Hogan VS Team Flair match.

Though returning to the ring is pretty unlikely and would probably be a suicide mission for a man of his age, Flair leaves a legacy as one of the best wrestlers in the history

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