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Steven Universe Quotes for Cartoon Loving Adults

Looking for Steven Universe quotes? We got you covered.

Whether you are in Kindergarten or an adult, Steven Universe is recognized as one of the coolest cartoons on television.

The show was created by Rebecca Sugar, known for being the first woman and non-binary creator for any show produced by Cartoon Network. It’s a place where the ironies of adult life are sprinkled in with the curiosity of children, high-level learning, and wokeness all at the same time.

Sugar loosely based the titular character on her brother Steven, creating a unique perspective for a show. Anyone who has seen an episode knows that times have indeed changed. It was only a few generations ago where cartoons were filled with racist imagery, xenophobia, extreme violence, and political propaganda.

Sugar notes that she “tried to be a role model” for anyone looking to take traditional animation ideas and make them relevant for the present generation. Let us know which was your favorite quote?

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Steven Universe quotes from Steven

1. “Don’t forget the best part!” – Steven

2. “All comedy is derived from fear.” – Steven

3. “Definitely…always…never do it.” – Steven

4. “Sleep is a curse… And yet a curse I need to live.” – Steven

5. “Aww! You’re like an angry little slice of pie!” – Steven

6. “ It’s a trap! It’s an adorable trap!” – Steven

7. “I’m combining all my responsibilities into one responsibility.” – Steven

8. “But if you’re the one protecting me… Then who’s the one protecting YOU?” – Steven

9. “Amethyst, am I the cruelest creature on the planet?” – Steven

10. “I’m combining all my responsibilities into one responsibility.” – Steven

11. “We worked hard and we

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