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What’s a Kegel, and Should I Be Doing Them?

If the first time you heard about Kegels wasn’t in the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha reads about vaginal weights in a magazine (from which comes one of the best lines in Samantha history: “Honey, my vagina ‘weights’ for no man!”), you probably don’t have a solid foundation of what it is and why the heck women put little balls inside them for fun. Although it seems weird, kegels are a great tool to help your pelvic floor health as well as improve your sexual wellness and libido. But who exactly are they for? And why are they effective? We spoke with Dr.

Rachel Gelman, a pelvic floor specialist in San Francisco, to get the scoop on if Kegels are actually worth it (and what they are!).  According to Dr. Gelman, Kegels are an

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