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Purpose Over Paychecks: Patrice Washington’s Advice for Building Wealth Organically

I want to be well mentally. I want to be well physically.”In this episode of , Washington shares the secret to wealth-building: Money comes when you embrace your purpose. It’s the premise of her latest book, .

She tells listeners exactly how to do that in a moving conversation with SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada.What happens when you land a lucrative gig that has nothing to do with your purpose? Most people experience one of two things: They take the higher-paying job and feel disconnected from their career or turn down the money to project.Washington faced a similar decision in 2010. She got an offer to work with Steve Harvey but turned it down to volunteer at a financial education nonprofit.“Now, this is a season where my family could have used the money greatly,” Washington says. “But I really was like, I don’t want to say yes and disappoint [Steve] and not be fully committed, and I don’t want to do something that distracts me so much from what I feel I’m being led to do.”That calling was .

After losing everything in the recession, Washington felt obligated to help people struggling with their finances. Harvey was shocked by her response, but the decision paid off. People came to know Washington as America’s money maven, and she promoted her second book on the Steve Harvey Morning Show four years later.Following your gut pays less in the beginning.

But if you stick with it, you could be wealthier and happier in the long run. Choosing your purpose over a paycheck isn’t easy. It’s also not the most accurate picture of organically. Quitting a 9-to-5 to start a business sounds attractive, but most people don’t leave their job for a project that isn’t cash flowing.

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