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50 Shopping Quotes About This Therapeutic Activity

These shopping quotes will have you relating to your inner shopaholic.

They are funny, witty, and several are perfect Instagram captions for your latest haul.

Share some of your favorite things about shopping with us in the comment section below.

What is it about shopping that makes us feel good and take part in a little retail therapy?

We have all felt that little glimmer of joy at purchasing something new.

But why does shopping make us happy?

According to Scott Bea, PsyD. “Research suggests there’s actually a lot of psychological and therapeutic value when you’re shopping—if done in moderation, of course.”

He lists a few reasons why.

First, shopping helps us restore a sense of control in our chaotic world.

This is because we have to make some kind of choice when we are shopping.

Like do I buy the red dress or the blue one?

Do I want to spend money on this?

When we decide one way or the other, we are restoring our personal control.

Keep reading through these shopping quotes from TV shows and movies and people who love shopping to better understand why it makes them happy.

Funny shopping quotes

1. “Wal-mart… do they like, make walls there?” — Paris Hilton

2. “We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.” — Henry Youngman

3. “I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” — Tammy Faye Bakker

4. “I rationalize shopping. I buy a dress because I need change for gum.” — Rita Rudner

5. “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” — Bo Derek

6. “The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.” — Erma Bombeck

7. “Shopping is better than sex. If you’re not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange

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