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7 Children's Books That Explain Tragedies, News, and Other Difficult Topics

As much as we try to protect our children and create a positive world for them to grow up in, the reality is that our children are constantly bombarded with devastating news topics filled with tragedy and loss. In fact, an average of 12 children die each day because of gun violence. Add to that the number of deadly storms and other types of tragedies that happen on a daily basis around the world, and it’s easy to see why so many children live with anxiety and fear.

Unfortunately, parents can’t do a lot to prevent these events from happening, nor can they keep their children away from the news forever. However, parents can use books (like these seven suggested ones) to help children deal with the news and other difficult topics.

1. “What to Do When the News Scares You” by Jacqueline B. Toner

As part of the best-selling What To Do series, “What to Do When the News Scares You: A Kid’s Guide to Understanding Current Events” helps children put the jarring information they may see or hear from various news sources into a perspective that can help avoid panic. The book offers explanations behind triggering news stories and suggested coping skills children can use when news alarms them in some way.

2. “Something Bad Happened” by Dawn Huebner

“Something Bad Happened: A Kid’s Guide to Coping With Events in the News” is a great guide for children ages 6 to 12 and the adults in their lives who want to help them make sense of large-scale disasters they see or hear about through the news. The text addresses questions regarding why these events happened, where they occurred, and whether or not they will happen again. The text also normalizes common emotions for news events, like sadness, fear, and confusion, which can really help older

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