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I Lost My First Dog 4 Months Ago, and I’m Still Not Okay

She knew that my dog Neville Longbottom had passed away a few months prior, and I could see that she was struggling with how to apologize for bringing up the loss of a pet.Without skipping a beat, I stepped in. “Please don’t say sorry for bringing that up. Any reminder of Neville is a reason for me to smile.

He was the best thing to happen to me.”“Wow,” she replied. “Thank you. Can I ask you something?” she hesitated before continuing.“You seem like you’re in a great place. How long did it take you to get there?”I laughed a little.

I had gotten pretty good at pretending like I was fine. But I was a mess that day, and I’m still a mess now. Losing my dog is a wound so deep, so unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

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