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People Swear “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Changed Their Life–Does It Really Work?

“I’m so lucky; everything works out for me.” If you haven’t heard that viral affirmation yet, you must be living under a rock–or maybe you’re just doing something more productive than scrolling on your phone. Either way, you’re missing out on the latest manifestation trend that everyone on TikTok is using to achieve their dream life: Lucky Girl Syndrome. Content creators Laura Galebe (AKA the CEO of the “Memoir Technique”) and Sammy K (AKA the college girl with a flip phone) helped popularize the trend by sharing their personal experiences trying it out.

Both share in their videos about how the manifestation technique completely changed their lives and helped them attract unbelievable outcomes and opportunities. If this sounds like the kind of energy you’re trying to manifest this year, read on to learn more about Lucky Girl Syndrome and how you can apply it to your everyday life.  Before we had Lucky Girl Syndrome, we had the Law of Assumption.

In his book The Law of Assumption: An Essential Lesson, Neville Goddard explained the principle, saying that whatever we assume to be true will eventually become true, for better or worse. This is the same thinking as Lucky Girl Syndrome.

Do you know someone who always seems to have things go wrong for them? Think: They get a parking ticket, are summoned for jury duty, and spill their coffee all in the same day. Maybe these bad things always happen to them because they assume bad things will always happen to them.

The same can be said for lucky people who find money in their pockets or get an unexpected promotion. Things always seem to work out for them because they assume they will. The Law of Assumption also places importance on the power of imagination, saying that everything

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