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Legendary Entrepreneur Naveen Jain Wants Nothing More Than to Change the Way Humanity Lives

.“I really think the future of humanity is extremely bright,” the 63-year-old Jain tells me with a warm Indian brogue.We’re sitting in the home office of his estate along the banks of Lake Washington, just outside Seattle—not far from the homes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. He shows me the meteorites and moon rocks that he’s collected through the years. There are dozens, in all shapes and sizes.

One is signed by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Jain’s assemblage might be the largest private meteorite collection in the world. Before we sat down, he held some of the rocks over a lamp to show me the dazzling sheens and sparkles of the out-of-this-world elements contained in each one.When he’s not collecting rocks from outer space, Jain spends most of his time, well, running a company that hopes to collect rocks from space, actually.

Moon Express intends to mine the moon. His other company, Viome, explores the space inside us all, testing and analyzing gut flora and providing nutritional genomics and dietary advice.A serial entrepreneur who rose to prominence in the turn-of-the-century dot-com boom, Jain thinks and talks in possibilities and potentials. A conversation with him feels a little like reading a great science fiction novel.

As he speaks, he paints elegant portraits of what life could one day become, linked with pragmatic advice for navigating life in the present.At one point, he tells me to imagine a world where people all have sensors inside and outside of our bodies, each one measuring and analyzing what’s happening internally. When you use the restroom, the toilet analyzes your samples to assess your gut health. The mirror and floor analyze changes to your body and weight.“Your Alexa devices are hearing your voice and

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