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V for Vendetta Quotes On Society and Humanity

These V for Vendetta quotes will inspire you to stand up and fight for the things that you believe in, even if the whole world is against you.

V for Vendetta was originally a comic book written by Alan Moore, a genius if there ever was one in the graphic novel world. He is also the man responsible for Watchmen, another wildly successful graphic-novel turned movie with a very deep message.

The book was wildly successful and was made into the 2005 movie, V for Vendetta, starring Natalie Portman. Many of the incredible V for Vendetta quotes from the book made it into the movie, but there are a ton more great words from all of the characters available in the graphic novel that we’ve featured below.

Today, we want to inspire you to stand up and fight for the things that you believe in with these V for Vendetta quotes. Be like V and Evey – do what is right, even if the whole world is against you.

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V for Vendetta quotes that will inspire you to fight for a better world

1. “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” – V for Vendetta

2. “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.” – V for Vendetta

3. “Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.” – V for Vendetta

4. “Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.” – V for Vendetta

5. “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.” – V for Vendetta

6. “The past can’t hurt you anymore,

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