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A Letter To My Younger Self On My 28th Birthday

I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for surviving.

And more than that, for persevering.When life tries to get you down, it’s like your spirit doesn’t notice. But even if it did and you wanted to crumble beneath the weight of the world, I’d still love you, and there’s very little you could do to make that love evaporate.It is because of this new-found love and respect that I have for you that I won’t allow you to hold onto bad people.

I won’t allow you to judge your reflection or waste your potential either.I will make sure you drink less wine and more water. That you read more books and watch less TV.

That you take your vitamins daily, get plenty of rest, and exercise.I will make sure you live for the moment. That you do more of the things

. Family liking parting life

My XXVIII (Xxviii)