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What Led Me to Accept the Abuse I Endured in My Relationship

“Stable” is a word I tend to run from and to. My entire life I have been described as stable, secure, mature, etc. Yet, in contrast, I have also always been described as sensitive, overreactive and dramatic. The confusion of words with very opposing connotations has always been felt. I am confident and insecure in my maturity at all times.

At a very young age, I was confronted with this complex question, “How is it I am so mature for my age, but I’m always getting in trouble or being made fun of for being overemotional?” It made me feel like I had to split my personality at a young age. The real me was mature, but sometimes my “bad” side would come out and I would become overreactive. This was confirmed for me by situations that happened in

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My Relationship