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How Maintaining a Sense of Humor Helps My OCD

It is February 2, 2021 and I think I have already had lung, colon and oral cancer, an abscessed tooth, an ear infection, ulcers in my stomach, along with COVID-19 and its variant about 18 times. Self-diagnosed of course, but basically it has already been a long, hard year.

I have also broken up and gotten back together with my crush, on about six different occasions. I am not sure he knows or cares—but what he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him. I divorced old friends and made new ones…but then decided they didn’t like me. So I now don’t like them back and have recommitted to my old friends. I have gone broke and won the lottery. I have eaten healthy and said YOLO. I have relaxed, momentarily, while hosting just shy of one million thoughts about

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