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10 Harsh Truths All Fathers of Daughters Must Face

The bond shared between father and daughter is a uniquely special bond. Despite our society’s desire to pretend like gender differences do not exist, fathers must approach their parenting duties with their daughters differently than they would with their sons.Throughout the journey of fatherhood, more specifically being a father of a daughter, the father will be faced with harsh truths that can be difficult to face. While you may be thinking that I am insinuating that daughters are more difficult, it’s less of that and more so that these obstacles are typically rooted in the inherent differences between father and daughter.Most fathers, unless they were raised around younger sisters, are going to struggle with how to approach being the father of a daughter.

Here are 10 truths all dads must face.One day your daughter will hit puberty. When this happens, she doesn’t need you to back off, she needs you more than ever. However, don’t make too big of a deal about it either, because it’s very likely that she is already nervous, embarrassed, and confused.Do not call her chubby, make jokes about her messy hair, or say anything negative about her appearance.

The things you say, jokingly or not, are going to stick with her. If you say the wrong thing, you could create an insecurity that sticks with her for life.Please refrain from calling it anything but vagina. The reason being is that if she knows the proper word for it, she is far less likely to be taken advantage of by a predator because it is technically the right word.

So, set aside any discomfort you have with saying the word.Much like boys, girls grab themselves in their private regions. Unless it becomes a problem, don’t make a big deal about it. If you do, you likely are

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