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Greg Plitt Quotes About Life, Fear and Only Living Once

Looking for motivational Greg Plitt quotes that will help you live life to the fullest? These Greg Plitt quotes will inspire you to work hard for your goals and dreams.

Greg Plitt was a fitness model, trainer, motivational speaker and online sensation who touched the loves of anyone who heard him speak. Driven by his passion for fitness, he soon learned that his ability to inspire people to get into great shape could be applied to any and all areas of life.

Greg Plitt’s YouTube speeches have gone viral and he is best known for his straight talk, strong language and no excuse mindset.

Whenever you are feeling lethargic, under committed or like the world is against you, read these inspirational quotes from Greg Plitt and notice the change in your mindset.

We hope you enjoy these Greg Plitt quotes as much as we do!

Motivational Greg Plitt Quotes on Working Out, Life and Greatness

1. You got one life to live. Why wait until tomorrow to start it?” – Greg Plitt

2. One Hour of pain produces a lifetime of pride. – Greg Plitt

3. The only reps you don’t grow from , are the reps you don’t fucking do. – Greg Plitt

4. The hardest things in life are done the least but provide the most. – Greg Plitt

5. Happiness is when you finally connect your mind to your body – Greg Plitt

6. Weakness leaves, pride comes in. Confidence grows. Successful life. – Greg Plitt

7. The clock is ticking, are you becoming the person you wanna be? – Greg Plitt

8. Where else in life can you put work and endeavor every single day and get a reward for it? – Greg Plitt

9. Walk through the mud in life, if you ever want to get to the higher ground. – Greg Plitt

10. Every action has a purpose. When every action has a purpose every action has a result. – Greg Plitt

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