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10 Things Socially Intelligent People Avoid

Dangerous Minds. Michelle Pfeiffer played a teacher sent to one of the roughest areas with the highest dropout rates. ADVERTISEMENT While she received an excellent education and was a good teacher, she quickly had to develop her social intelligence to handle one of the roughest school systems in the country.

She had to learn to connect with these students on a whole different level, and it’s something that professors couldn’t prepare her for in college. The students began to learn, and she incorporated unusual techniques to gain their acceptance and attention. ADVERTISEMENT According to The Washington Post, the movie is based on the real-life story of U.S.

Marine LouAnne Johnson, which makes this harrowing piece even more impressive. Once she retired from the military, she became a teacher in California, but she quickly learned that she needed to step up her street-savvy nature to educate these kids.How are your social or street smarts? You will find people like this make fabulous sales and business professionals as they can bring themselves to the level of each of their customers. Did you know that having this kind of intelligence can save your life, make you a better person, and get you further than formal teaching?How do you know if you’re a socially intellectual person? Here are some of the signs for you to consider.Remember, the first part of being socially intelligent is that you’re social.

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