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Why Michael Scott From 'The Office' Is My Perfect ADHD Representation

Once I read, “If you don’t know a Michael Scott, you are the Michael Scott.” I wanted to ignore it, but then I realized I actually don’t know any Michael Scotts around me. Scared, I texted all of my friends asking them and the answer was unanimous – I was the Michael Scott from “The Office” out of my friend group.

While this isn’t horrible, it definitely didn’t make me happy because Michael is known to get into some “shenanigans” due to his chatty, impulsive, and almost childlike nature. It didn’t make me feel great that the one character that everyone made fun of because of how out-of-touch they were with the world is the one character that made me say, “Oh, I feel seen.”

 As I grew I learned about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and how most of the traits that can cause me trouble in life stem from that one disorder. From my forgetfulness to my issues with object permanence, all the way to the fact that I don’t know how to shut my mouth… all points lead to ADHD.

Knowing I was living with this condition and how heavily I related to Michael Scott, I then realized that he is basically the poster-perfect image of ADHD. Every trait that I could think of, he exemplifies, which felt like a double-edged sword because those same traits tend to be the source of tension for what feels like 90% of the plot. The same traits that make the other characters roll their eyes, want to ignore him, or even hate him, are the traits that are known to come with ADHD whether it’s inattentive or hyperactive type. 

A few key examples:

1. Michael’s tangential thinking

In the episode “The Search,” Michael goes missing and no one quite knows where to find him. Traditional and sequential thinking doesn’t help the team when it comes

liking feelings character

Michael Scott


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