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Yes, People With Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities Can Be Jerks

I sat on the toilet backward, still trying to get it to stop running. I had just gotten through yelling at both of my children for not helping. Ashamed of my behavior, I looked at my kids and said, “I’m sorry for acting like a jerk and yelling at you.” My daughter looked at me and said, “Dad, it’s OK. It’s just the Parkinson’s talking.” I stopped and looked at her and said, “Don’t let me off that easy. This has nothing to do with Parkinson’s. I was just being a jerk.”

One of my heroes has always been Michael J. Fox. Even before I knew of my Parkinson’s diagnosis, I always looked up to him and respected the man he was and how he chose to view this struggle. One thing I have also respected from him is the honesty with which he spoke, never

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