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50 Casablanca Quotes From The Classic Movie

Casablanca is a tale of war, intrigue, and love. The movie was made in 1942 and was directed by Michael Curtiz. It starred Hollywood heartthrob Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, who was often viewed as “the ideal of American womanhood,” along with Paul Henreid. These Casablanca quotes clearly show the love the characters felt for one another, and the stresses of life during the war.

Is Casablanca based on a true story?

Well, the film is set during World War II, and was released the same week Roosevelt and Churchill met to demand the Axis powers surrender. The romantic drama focuses on Rick (Bogart), an American expatriate who owns a cafe.

Rick must choose between the feelings he has for his former lover Ilsa (Bergman) who reappears in

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