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When Otherwise-Inclusive Movies Like 'The Prom' Use Ableist Language

This holiday season, in the afterglow of big meals, festive candles, and connecting with loved ones, my husband and I decided to watch a movie. We landed on “The Prom” partly because of Meryl Streep, partly because of Kerry Washington, but mostly because of the anticipated inclusive message of the film.

In “The Prom,” a high schooler named Emma asks another girl, Alyssa, to be her prom date. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) legally cannot ban Emma from attending the prom, so they cancel the event for everyone, in a petty anti-LGBTQ+ protest. Broadway stars learn of this unjust decision (cue the musical advocacy numbers) and after legal action, prom was approved once again — though a discriminatory secret plan becomes a meaningful battle

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