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Feeling Depressed? Here Are a Few Things You Can Do

Do you have knots in your stomach? Do you feel the sinking of your heart? Do you get negative thoughts in your mind frequently? Do you get suicidal tendencies? Then you are under depression.  Depression is a major challenge globally leading to deaths and suicides. People are unable to cope with it and express it with others when they are under depression. Even eminent celebrities have depression leading to suicides.Depression is a state of mind.

It is a momentary mental disorder. It involves negative self-talk thus draining energy and enthusiasm. There is a difference between sadness and depression.

Sadness is for a short period while depression is for a long period. Sadness is a momentary feeling while depression is a negative feeling which is recurrent and beyond human control. Hence, depression can be defined as an extension of sadness.

It is an unchecked stage of sadness where people recurrently think about their unpleasant past or experiences. Here are some symptoms of depression: feeling worthlessness and helplessness; doubting abilities, decreased energy levels, loss of interest in work, feeling irritation and isolation; eating disorders, and sleeping disorders to name a few. Depression is adversely affecting millions of people globally. Most people don’t disclose for fear of losing their social status or being ostracized by society.

They hesitate to unveil as people might be excessively sympathetic to them which is not appreciated by them. As a result, they suffer from depression silently.  There are innumerable causes of depression. Here are some of them.

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) are some of the major causes. Most people are comfortable with certainty. Hence, they remain in their

. Depression

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