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60 Braveheart Quotes to Help Find Your Freedom

Braveheart is a film from 1995 starring Mel Gibson. The movie has all the makings of the best stories: love, loss, rebellion, and a quest for freedom. There are many famous lines from Braveheart (included in these 50 braveheart quotes), but none so iconic as the rebel yell when the prisoner “wishes to say a word.” 

Do you think this movie is an epic tale of love and freedom?

I haven’t seen this movie (I know, I know…my husband was incredulous about this as well), but I might have to! He asked me, “If I had really lived if I hadn’t seen this movie?” He is a little melodramatic…but not nearly as much as some of these characters!

These Braveheart quotes about freedom, life and death, betrayal, and character are sure to help inspire you!


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