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Exploring the Fear of Abandonment

No one wants to lose the ones they love, but for some people, the fear of loss they experience can be so strong that it overwhelms them, taking over many aspects of life and preventing them from developing healthy, nurturing relationships. People with a fear of abandonment also may struggle with intrusive thoughts and anxiety. Although the fear of being abandoned can lead to unhealthy behaviors and thought processes, it is possible to overcome your fears and build secure relationships with others.

Read on to learn how. Abandonment fear is a persistent concern that the people in your life will leave or reject you. These fears aren’t based on evidence and can be overwhelming.

It’s possible to fear being physically or emotionally abandoned.“Abandonment can be either physical or emotional, and it can be either real or perceived. Often, it follows when a primary caregiver and/or primary attachment figure is not able to meet basic safety and security needs.

The individual who’s abandoned has a tendency to absorb it personally rather than seeing it as a reflection of the caregiver’s abilities or lack thereof.” Talkspace therapist Meaghan Rice, PsyD, LPCPhysical abandonment occurs when someone is no longer physically present. If you fear physical abandonment, you may worry that your partner will leave your romantic relationship, or you might have anxiety that something will happen to them when you’re not around. Emotional abandonment occurs when a person is physically present but neglects your emotional needs.

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