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Resilience Quotes to Inspire Your Next Comeback

Resilience is what separates those who do from those who don’t.  So, today, we have curated these resilience quotes from dozens of successful people who personify it. 

What does “resilience” mean to you? 

Are you preparing to bounce back from a career setback? Maybe you are looking for inspiration to make a big change within your own life; like moving to a brand new city. Mastering resilience is not letting failure control your mindset. If you can make important decisions without being plagued by the fear of failure, then you’re ahead of the game. 

In the quotes below, these prominent figures remind you that you can do it. All you need is faith in your abilities.  Check out some of the most inspirational resilience quotes available below. 

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Resilience quotes to remind you of your strength

1. “Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” – Mary Holloway

2. “The difference between a strong man and a weak one is that the former does not give up after a defeat.” – Woodrow Wilson

3. “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller

4. “Proactively working to develop mental strength increases your resilience to stress and reduces the toll it takes on you both physically and mentally.” – Amy Morin

5. “Resilience is, of course, necessary for a warrior. But a lack of empathy isn’t.” – Phil Klay

6. “Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.” – Gever Tulley

7. “Resilience isn’t a single skill. It’s a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. To bounce back from

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