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Back to the Future Quotes from Your Favorite 80’s Sci-Fi

Jump back into the ’80s with these Back to the Future quotes and share your favorite line from the movie in the comments

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic sci-fi movies in box office history. It is an American futuristic film set in 1985.

The story revolves around Marty Mcfly and Doctor Emmet “Doc” Brown as they drive a time-traveling DeLorean Car and set off for a wild adventure.

In the film, Marty accidentally travels back in 1955 and jeopardizes the course of history, precisely his very own existence, by accidentally stopping the early attempts to get his parents acquainted.

To make matters worse Lorraine, his mother becomes infatuated with Marty instead. These Back to the Future quotes will bring you back to the heights

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