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What Michael J. Fox Taught Me About Parenting With Chronic Illness

I am married to a “Back to the Future” movie fan. We have a gigantic movie poster in our basement with Marty McFly, time machines in various corners of the house, pictures of us in front of replicas of time machines and yes, we have even been to the location of the “Back to the Future” house in LA and the Twin Pines Mall. Super exciting stuff.

I actually became a fan of Michael J. Fox when I watched the movie “The Secret of My Success” a million times when I was a kid. I know it sounds like a super random movie to grow up watching, but I was always rooting for the underdog, I guess. So yeah, he has been a part of my life for a while now, and it also doesn’t hurt that he is a fellow Canadian. So, you may be asking, how in the world did

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