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Woman Reinvents Herself With 115 Pound Weight Loss

personal trainer and does online coaching as well. Here is her uplifting and motivating weight loss story.“My starting weight was 260 pounds, and I was like a lot of other people,” Marissa says. In the beginning, she thought she’d missed out on many opportunities in life.

She thought she was stuck forever being overweight, at a job she hated, and in a relationship that didn’t make her happy. ADVERTISEMENT However, she quickly found out that she could reinvent herself at any time; she didn’t have to settle. After beginning her weight loss journey, she documented her results on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

She never imagined she’d have a fulfilling new career helping others achieve their fitness goals as well. Now, her YouTube channel has over 120K subscribers, and she’s been voted the #1 personal trainer in the San Antonio area.A post shared by Marissa Dawn (@70lbsoflife)“I have gone through my very own 115-pound weight loss journey, but more importantly, I went through a major mindset shift along the way, and this is how I did it,” Marissa says. “One of the main reasons I decided to lose weight is because I realized that my body was no longer serving me.”She says that at 25 years old, she couldn’t walk and keep up with friends while in New York City.

She had to hold her breath, experiencing chaffing on her thighs and getting quickly overheated and red in the face. Marissa felt embarrassed and uncomfortable in her own skin like she was suffocating. Feeling this way made her want to lose weight for good so she could enjoy life again.When she returned home from her trip to New York, she went to the doctor and got diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

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