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7 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Entire Wellness Routine

Spring has officially sprung, making space for more daylight, warmer days, and—you guessed it—spring cleaning. If you’re like me, you’re revamping your closet and giving the bathroom a solid scrub-down. While our homes are top of mind and get all the TLC when it comes to cleaning, there is another area in our lives that could use a good sprucing up with the change in seasons: our wellness routines.

Just like we organize and declutter our space with the transition from winter to spring, we should refresh our well-being rituals.    With some simple (yet effective!) tweaks to everything from how you move your body to how you manage money (yes, your finances are a part of your wellness routine because they affect your overall health), you’ll be well on your way to Marie Kondo status. Keep reading for tips on how to spring clean different aspects of your wellness routine for a fresh start in the new season and beyond.  The first thing to upgrade is how you’re working out.

Whether your workout space is your living room or an actual gym, spring is the time to switch things up. Sweating it out at home? Take it up a notch and add a new piece of equipment to make your workouts more versatile (think: a set of bands with varying resistance or a TRX). Craving the energy of working out among other people? Boxing sessions or a gym membership may be in your near future.

Also, warmer weather means bringing your workout outdoors. Whether you pound the pavement or channel your inner Naomi Osaka, exercising alfresco can do wonders for your body and mental well-being. However you choose to move your body, use the onset of spring to try something new.Lastly, I’m here to tell you it’s time to bid adieu to that overstretched sports bra you’ve

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