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Taylor Swift’s Diet and Fitness Routine on Tour

Taylor Swift could’ve fooled us with her seemingly effortless stamina throughout her 3-hour “Eras Tour” show (complete with seamless outfit changes on stage, might I add). It got me wondering how she performs her way through 44 hits from her 10 studio albums without so much as breaking a sweat or popping one of the sequins off her red-and-sequined-snaked Reputation look.

So naturally, I scoured the internet for every tidbit I could find about her wellness routine (you’re welcome, Swifties). How does she sweat it out? What does she eat in a day? Is she just like us when it comes to self-care? Read on for a breakdown of T-Swift’s health and wellness standbys.

Alexa, play the Midnights album. A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) According to an article in Marie Claire, pounding the pavement and dance-based workouts from New York-based studio Body By Simone are the singer-songwriter’s secret weapons to keeping up endurance and strength to perform dozens of shows while on tour. Body by Simone classes (which are also offered on their digital studio so you can sweat it on-the-go) combine a unique fusion of dance, Pilates, and functional strength training (think: high-intensity dance cardio, bodyweight moves, and light dumbbell exercises) that create “a safe space where women can feel inspired and motivated to become the best version of themselves,” said Simone de la Rue, Body by Simone’s Founder.

To give Swift’s fitness regimen a whirl, try this 20-minute full-body Body by Simone workout. You’ll jump lunge, push up shoulder tap, crunch as you side plank, and jump squat your way to Swift fitness status.But dancing (on and off the stage) isn’t the only exercise she swears by.

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