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'Beetlejuice: The Musical': The Crude, Weird, Yet Emotionally Intelligent Show That Helped Me Through My Grief

Welcome to a show, er…story, I suppose, about death. 

I’ll be honest with you. “Beetlejuice” was never my favorite movie. I didn’t see it as a young girl because my mother isn’t into that aesthetic, and when I was old enough to watch it myself I wasn’t pulled in. I’m not a huge fan of crude humor just to be crude, and well…everything that the movie is. No shame to you if you like it, but it just wasn’t my cup of juice. Get it? Juice instead of tea because it’s “Beetlejuice?”

Thank you if you pity laughed.

When the musical version of “Beetlejuice” dropped, I wasn’t super excited because like the musical, the aesthetic just wasn’t for me. I listened to it once, wasn’t initially moved, and forgot about it. Then one day my friend convinced me to go and see the actual show and my life was changed.

First some back story:

In 2020 had my first dance with death-related grief, and not just that but it left me with some severe suicidal ideation. I’ve gone through depression, breakups, and loss before, but never quite like the multiple losses I experienced that year. I was fundamentally changed and not for the better. 

In the musical adaptation, Lydia Deetz recently lost her mother and her father started dating another woman. They move into a new home and she’s feeling lost and alone. There’s a point in the musical where she explores suicide (before Beetlejuice himself pops up and convinces her not to for his own selfish gain) due to the deep cavern of depression she can’t seem to escape. Ultimately, she learns through a trip to the netherworld and a few songs and quick changes that while her family may look different, and even though she’ll always miss her mother, life is still worth living. Love, loss, grief, and life can

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