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7 Relationship-Strengthening Activities for Valentine’s Day

strengthen your relationship or just a new idea, we’ve got some unique (and simple!) Valentine’s Day suggestions for the Talkspace community from our partners at Lasting, the nation’s #1 couples therapy app.If you’re eating at home this Valentine’s Day, switch up your normal dinner routine. Cook up (or order in!) your favorite dish and make a picnic on the porch, balcony, or living room floor.

If you prefer your dining table, break out the fine china to make it extra special. Then, use this moment to discuss some new connection rituals you’d like to implement in your relationship. It could be simple things like drinking your morning coffee together, sitting down for lunch without your devices, walking around the neighborhood after work, or cocktails on the porch when the kids (or pets!) are asleep.

When you form habits of connection during small, intimate moments, you create a foundation for consistency and trust for the long haul. This could be as simple as a puzzle or game! These activities free you up to connect through conversation while also alleviating some of the pressure by focusing your attention on a shared activity. While you play (or eat or craft!), ask some open-ended questions using a question book or a quick internet search. These can be lighthearted, like, “What’s the best dream you’ve ever had?” but don’t forget about the deep stuff, too.

Be vulnerable. Maybe, “If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?” Then ask your partner what they need most from you right now and then answer that question for yourself. “Asking directly and honestly for what you need opens the door for your partner to meet your needs and for you both to feel more connected,” says Liz Colizza, lead couples

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