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6 Pieces of Life Advice (& 6 Apps) That Make an Immediate Impact

ADHD coaches share their most impactful (and surprising) nuggets of life advice for living with ADHD — the same tips they frequently share with their own clients.Many people with ADHD work from a to-do list. But a to-do list doesn’t show the most impactful or urgent tasks. It doesn’t tell you how long you should devote to each task or the best time to do it.

Time boxing — scheduling tasks into specific time slots in your calendar and assigning a start and end time to each task — is making appointments with yourself to do what is most important to you and your goals and life. — Linda Walker, PCC, ACCG, BAMost Creative Geniuses (my term for those with ADHD) carry a portfolio of failures, reprimands, and criticisms.

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