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40 Nostradamus Quotes from the Work of the French Astrologer

Discover the poetic work of the astrologer in these Nostradamus quotes.

While he is generally referred to simply as Nostradamus, his birth name was Michel de Nostredame. He was alive in the 1500s and experienced the ups and downs that came with the time.

For example, he lost his first wife and their children to the plague before remarrying and starting a new family. He also worked as an apothecary for a time which got him kicked out of school.

Eventually, he was an astrologer, seer, and physician. However, he is best known in modern times for writing his book Les Prophéties, which is a collection of poems about future events including the end times (much of which was Bible-based.) Below is a taste of the work that he did.

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Michel De-Nostredame Les Prophéties