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American Crime Story Quotes Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

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American Crime Story is an American anthology true crime series and is the second installment in the American Story media franchise.

Each season contains a miniseries and has a storyline of its own, independent of the events in other seasons. In addition, each season was loosely based on critically acclaimed literary works of the 20th century.

Due to its intelligent writing and character referencing, this series successfully won the hearts of the audience across the whole United States. This show is filled with intense drama and action revolving around enticing topics about politics, psychology and mystery.

Here are some of the most iconic American Crime Story quotes just for you.

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American Crime Story quotes from Johnnie Cochran

1. “I like to win. This case is a loser.” — Johnnie Cochran

2. “I ain’t trying to be respectful. I’m trying to win.” — Johnnie Cochran

3. “Evidence doesn’t win the day. Jurors go with the narrative that makes sense. We’re here to tell a story. Our job is to tell that story better than the other side tells theirs.” — Johnnie Cochran

4. “You’re a man who loves people, who people love right back. That’s you. You’re a fighter. You’re a runner. And when you get knocked down, I need you to pop right back up like you know you can and keep going, because this right here, this right here, O.J. Simpson, is the run of your life.” — Johnnie Cochran

5. “We get one black juror, just one… and I’ll give you a hung jury. When I give you a hung jury… you are going home. You’re going home.” — Johnnie Cochran


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