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consistent hard work from their athletes every night during practices.John Wooden, the iconic UCLA basketball coach preached that “There is no substitute for hard work.” His players bought into his teaching are validated by the fact that they won seven NCAA basketball championships in a row and ten in the last twelve years he coached.Why will individual players and teams work so hard for their coaches? There may be multiple reasons, but I believe the most important one is because they know the coaches care for them beyond the narrow confines of a court or a field.Rick Majerus, the outstanding University of Utah and St. Louis University basketball coach, would share with fellow coaches the famous John Maxwell quote:“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”I attended many of Rick’s practices, and the work ethic of his players was exemplary because the young men knew how much he cared for them.

One of Rick’s Utah players, Andre Miller, had an outstanding NBA career. We were together in Chicago one night when Rick had to take an early flight the next morning to Salt Lake City.

When he recruited Miller out of South-Central Los Angeles, he promised him and his mother that he would be at Andre’s graduation.We had to discipline one of our players and decide how many suicides—a tough running drill never enjoyed by athletes—he had to run. I had an appointment, so our assistant coach, Jack Hermanski, administered the hour-long punishment.Years later, the athlete would call Jack periodically and curse at him for all the running he had to do.

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