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You Won’t Believe, 100 ISIS Militants Killed By This Stunning 23 Year Old Who Has A Bounty Of $1 Million

A politics student from Den mark named Joanna Palani is just 23-year-old, she was born in a refugee camp in Ramadi, Iraq during the Gulf war. Joanna was just 9 years old when she first fired a gun, later she left Copenhagen for Syria as she dropped out of college.

But now she is an adult and has a $1 million bounty on her head, why? Let’s find out…viaJoanna was born in a refugee camp in Ramadi, Iraq, where she did her schooling and later went to college to learn politics.viaAdvertismentJoanna had a different childhood, she first fired a gun at the age of nine which is not what normally kids learn at school. When she was a teenager, student of politics, she soon left college and decided to go to Syria.


Joanna Palani