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So You Already Failed Your New Year’s Resolutions—Now What? I Asked Therapists What To Do

So the newness of your New Year’s resolutions have worn off and you’ve totally lost motivation, or maybe you even forgot about what goals you set on Jan. 1 in the first place. First of all, take a deep breath and know you are not alone.

Research shows 80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February—the cycle of goal setting, loss of motivation, and eventual failure is all too common. But just because your New Year’s resolutions aren’t working out so far doesn’t mean 2022 can’t be your happiest, healthiest year yet. I asked therapists what to do if you’re in that 80% of people who have already quit their resolutions.

Read on for their tips on what to do next and how to achieve your best self by 2023.  Resolutions we don’t keep give us insight into what not to do, so you know better how to set goals you will achieve. Jessica Rabon, a psychologist and host of the Psych Talk podcast, explained that we often set large goals or have huge expectations. “We set grand goals without a plan and make goals that are unrealistic based on where we currently are,” she explained.

So instead of focusing on the ultimate goal, set smaller, more realistic goals that will ultimately get you to where you want to be. An important part of setting a realistic goal is identifying where you are right now. Set goals that feel realistic and maybe even easy.

“If we set a goal and accomplish it, we are more likely to continue working toward a larger goal,” Rabon explained. For example, if your overall resolution is to exercise more and you aren’t exercising at all, set a smaller goal to go for a walk two times per week or do an at-home workout one time per week. Once you accomplish that goal, you can increase the frequency and intensity

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